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well services

We pride ourselves on offering fast friendly well services. We are
constantly evolving and keeping up to date with proper techniques in
routines to ensure client trust and satisfaction. You can be assured all of our
parts are of high quality and our pumps do not come from a retail store.
When we arrive at your location in most cases we can rectify the well water
problem with in two hours. Unfortunately we must replace pumps that are
inadequate, poorly installed or simply the wrong pump for the job. You can
trust Keystone Pump & Well to solve your well problem in short order. Our
services cover Easton, Allentown, Bethlehem and most Pocono Mountain

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Well Service & Repair

We provide well services for your well and most of its components pumps, wiring,
pipes, tanks, electrical parts, leaks, no water and low pressure.
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Water Treatment Services

We provide water testing to inform the customer of any possible water
problems that they may have. We make recommendations on how to treat
the issue so the drinking water can be safe for drinking. This is accomplished
with a water softener, whole house filter, acid neutralizer UV-light or any
other treatment equipment.
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Water heater repair & Replacement

We also provide electric hot water heater service for leaks, heating elements,
thermostats and replacements. We can diagnose the specific problem and
fix only what is needed.

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Brands We Install

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Well-X-Trol Well Tanks
Amtrol has a long history of providing expansion tanks for well water. Today Well-X-Trol is the trusted leader for this application. It has a steel shell with a working pressure of 150 PSIG, it has a water circulator so sediment doesn’t clog the inlet and a antimicrobial liner. Also comes with a 7 year limited warranty.
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Bradford White electric hot water heaters
We service all electric water heaters but we install Bradford White it has many highly rated energy efficient water heaters to keep your utility cost low. They have a system that helps prevent sediment build up in the tank. The tank also has a enamel lining to provide protection and prevent rusting.
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Lancaster water treatment
Lancaster water softeners have advanced features and exceptional performance for water conditioning. The water softener removes minerals that clog, stain appliances and fixtures. Comes with high performance automatic operation that provides soft water for years to come.

Lancaster Acid Neutralizers
Lancaster Acid Neutralizers properly balance the PH in the well water to protect all of your appliances, pipes and fixtures from leaks and corrosion. It also can remove some levels of iron, sediment and discolor. It provides worry free automatic PH balanced water.
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Myers Well Pumps
We service all well pumps but we install the Predator Plus 4″ submersible pump it has a proven record of performance, longevity and is the recommended brand of many professionals. These well pumps also come with a three year limited warranty. All major parts are of stainless steel as for a long lifespan and no corrosion.