Well Water Safety When You Have
a Private Water Supply

Decorative Water Well
Not all Private Wells are decorated.
Often you can’t even locate your well. What you see above ground, if anything, is the access to the well. We offer well-locating services if needed.


Is Your Water Safe to Drink?

Did you know that private water wells that serve less than 25 people are NOT REGULATED BY THE EPA?

Residential well owners must maintain the safety of their own drinking water.


Whether You Are New to Private Wells or Have Never Paid much attention to yours,
understanding Water Well basics is critical to maintaining a safe source of drinking water for your family.

When it rains, much of the rain water is absorbed into the ground. Water that is not absorbed continues to flow into the earth until it reaches rock and it becomes trapped in these aquifers. This is the water comes from drilled wells.

Without proper maintenance and record-keeping, many contaminants can enter well water. Pollution from seepage of septic tank failures, underground fuel tanks, fertilizers and pesticides and other system failures can impact the quality of your well water.

As a private well owner, you need to contact a qualified professional to test and evaluate your private well water supply. Specialized tests will determine the best method of treating the water to ensure your safety. We perform regular well maintenance services, including water testing and water treatment services. 

You may have heard of the Flint, Michigan or Jackson, Mississippi water crises. And we’ve all heard that you shouldn’t drink the tap water when travelling. Even public water systems experience trouble keeping water safe for consumption. As a residential well owner, you are solely responsible for the quality of your drinking water. Health problems related to contaminated water run the gamut from gastrointestinal distress to reproductive issues. Immumo-compromised individuals are at an increased risk. Elevated levels of lead have lead to ongoing health concerns for pregnant women and young children. 

There are a variety of methods to both prevent and treat well water safety issues. We will discuss your options to determine the most effective methods for your individual situation. Well location, contaminant history and geological factors all affect your decision. We use Lancaster Water Group treatment systems, known for quality and technical expertise, we can install your new system or repair any brand of existing system, if possible.