Emergency Well Services in the Lehigh Valley and Pocono Mountains, PA, regions

Trusted, Local, Owner-Operated
Affordable Well Pump Installation, Service & Repair

Serving the Region for Over 20 Years
Shawn Kreitz, Owner-Operator
Shawn Kreitz, Owner-Operator

Based in Nazareth, PA, for Over 20 Years, We Offer Complete Well Services, including water testing,
water treatment systems,
well pump troubleshooting, repairing & replacement,
well locator services,
and electric water heater repair & replacement.

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Welcome to Lehigh Valley's
Keystone Pump & Well Service

Well Services, Pump Repair & Replacement

We provide service for your well and most all well components, including well pumps, well tanks, expansion tanks, electric switches, and all parts that make your residential well water flowing, safe and reliable.

We’ve been here in Nazareth, PA, for over 20 years, assisting private well Homeowners with water well maintenance. We recognize the potential problems associated with inconsistent well maintenance and strive to educate and inform residential well owners on how to make your well function trouble free for years to come!

Water Treatment Systems
Sales, Service & Installation

As a private well owner, you are responsible for keeping your water clean, safe and free from contamination. Geology changes, construction, septic system failure and any number of uncontrollable factors can put your water supply at risk. 

We are able to help you test your well water for known contaminants and advise you on the most appropriate type of system that will provide your family with safe drinking water or softeners that will keep your appliances and plumbing in tip top shape.

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

We provide service for your well and most all well components, including electric water heaters. 

Your water heater can take a beating when your well water is impacted by minerals and chemicals that cause hard water. You can extend the life of your water heater with a water treatment system, but if you need to replace your electric water heater, we can help.

Whether you use a private water supply or not, we can service, repair and install electric water heaters when the need arises. Call us for a Free Estimate today!